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Advanced Liquid Analysis for Industry and Healthcare

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A World of Information in a Drop

A 5iTech Company


Aria Analytics has developed a technology to characterize, differentiate and screen liquids simply and efficiently.
Billions of dollars in losses, injuries and even deaths are caused by:   - contaminated products and pharmaceuticals,   - human error in mixing medications and IVs in hospitals,   - raw materials altered in transit,   - production errors, and   - intentional dilution of products.
Standard analytical instrumentation and even basic wet chemistry are too expensive  and too complicated to use to offer a cost effective, across the board, screening  solution to address these problems. 


Our instruments generate unique digital "fingerprints" of tested samples permitting  simple, rapid, automated, and highly sensitive screening to identify and remove  non-conforming products. Industry and healthcare providers can improve  quality, safety and patient care while improving the bottom line. 
Aria's automated technology does not require large capital outlays, expensive  reagents or specialy trained personnel. It offers manufacturers and healthcare  provider substantial cost reductions while delivering performance improvements.